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Unleash Your Car's True Shine with Eyez on the Prize Auto Spa's Detailing Excellence in Charlotte

Discover our wide range of superior auto detailing services designed to increase your ideal automobile’s performance, charming looks, and overall driving experience.


Discover superior car polishing services at Eyez on the Prize Auto Spa. Experience perfect shine and protection for your vehicle. Book now for careful attention and brilliant results.

Ceramic Coating

Experience the ultimate protection with Eyez on the Prize Auto Spa’s Ceramic Coating service. Our advanced coating ensures strong shine and superior defense against environmental damage, keeping your car looking perfect.

Exterior Detailing

Transform your vehicle’s appearance with our Exterior Detailing Service at Eyez on the Prize Auto Spa. We offer expert polishing, waxing, and paint protection to ensure an ideal, outstanding shine.

Interior Detailing

Experience ideal interiors with Eyez on the Prize Auto Spa’s Interior Detailing. Our expert team carefully cleans and improves every inch, ensuring your car’s interior looks and feels brand new.

Upholstery Cleaning

Eyez on the Prize Auto Spa offers exceptional upholstery cleaning services, removing stains and odors to restore your car’s interior to mint condition. Experience a fresh, clean, and comfortable ride every time.

Engine Bay Detailing

Discover our Engine Bay Detailing service at Eyez on the Prize Auto Spa. We carefully clean and restore your engine bay, ensuring it looks as good as new. Experience superior care today with us!

RV Detailing

Eyez on the Prize Auto Spa offers efficient RV detailing services, ensuring your RV looks outstanding inside and out. Experience excellent cleaning, polishing, and detailing customized specifically for your home on wheels.

Auto Detailing

At Eyez on the Prize Auto Spa, our auto detailing services deliver a perfect finish for your vehicle. Enjoy thorough cleaning, expert polishing, and superior care to keep your car looking its best.

Luxury Detailing

Enjoy yourself in the ultimate car care with Eyez on the Prize Auto Spa’s Luxury Detailing Service. Our expert team delivers careful attention, superior products, and an ideal luxury finish, ensuring your vehicle’s luxury shines.

Boating Detailing

Eyez on the Prize Auto Spa specializes in outstanding boat detailing services. Our skilled team delivers thorough cleaning and polishing to keep your boat looking brilliant, both inside and out. Experience perfection on the water.